1. Around Comics S02E07 | Dwarves on Unicycles

    On this episode, Sal and Braton sit down and free-style on many topics. We start off with a creative discussion on our own artistic successes and failures. How speed can sometimes be your enemy and learning to step away. We then move onto the incredible amount of elderly that die every day in Atlanta.  From there we move on to Sal’s nightmares from high school and the magic world of post office dwarves. Braxton likes the look of the new Bourne Legacy trailer but still hates asparagus. We then move onto the Amazing Spider-Man movie (SPOILERS!) and talk about how much we love Emma Stone. We eventually talk about comics including the Marvel Now event, Tales of Cthullu from Boom. H. P. Lovecraft and the Necronomicon, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Judge Dredd, Marshall Law. We finish up the show with a couple of listener emails and the introduction of Walter, the correspondence puppet.

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