1. Please read - A child in need.

    As many of you may know I am a football coach for Lombard Falcons Football. My son Jackson is a football player and my daughter Victoria is a cheerleader. The Falcons is a great youth sports organization run by dedicated volunteers.

    This summer, one of our own experienced a terrible event. Paula Morgan, mother of flag football player Nicholas Beckwith, tragically lost her life in a fire. Young Nicholas was lucky enough to escape the fire, but obviously his life has been irrevocably changed from this event.

    On Friday September 28th, the Lombard Falcons are dedicating the evening to the memory of Paula Morgan. Donations and proceeds from the night will go into a trust established for Nicholas’ college education.

    Please help us in supporting Nicholas. Even if you are not a part of the Falcons organization, I ask you to please consider coming to the game on the 28th and supporting this very worth cause.

    If you can’t make it out on the 28th, consider making a donation or sharing this post with someone that may be able to help.

    Attached is a link to t a pdf flyer for the event. Please take a moment to read.



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