1. While not trying to diminish the devastation, loss of life, tragedy and problems that Hurricane Sandy has caused residents of the east coast, my mind keeps thinking about the unfortunate people of New Orleans who, seven years later, are still dealing with the devastating effects of Katrina and the mishandling of efforts from Fema, etc.

    While New Yorkers complain about no power to charge their cell phones and the inconvenience of having the subway shut down, it strikes me that I should not forget that problems as serious, and more so than this, still exist in NO.

    I hope that in seven years the people of New York, New Jersey and other east coast cities are not still dealing with the damage done by Sandy, and that at the same time the people effected by Katrina are also better off than they are today.

    My intention is not to upset or offend anyone with this post, but I am sure that it will. To those, all I can offer is my honesty and support for anyone effected by tragedy.

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