1. Some people have been asking about the Geek Merit Badges I used to sell. They are available once again through my Etsy shop. 


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    I did this one for the FanArt Friday over art Project Rooftop. This one took me a long time to get how I wanted. While I liked the Harley Quinn piece that I did yesterday, it didn’t have the same look as my initial retro pinup/ I tried to capture the same feel as that one with this. The head was really the most difficult part. I couldn’t get the bullet-heat helmet to work, so I eventually decided to change it to a headband instead. I think it worked out okay.
  3. I decided to try and direct my limited creative efforts towards something a little more concrete. Instead of pinups, and failed sketches, I want to work towards single images that tell a story. I want to combine my graphic arts background with my illustrations more and instead of fighting myself, see if I can create something new from blending the two. I have no idea if any of the hundreds of Wolverine stories were ever titled “Blood n’ Guts”, but if not, there should be one.

    (edited version. fixed a few things after looking at it again)

  4. Another Avengers Sketch. This time the God of Thunder. Once again digital pencils printed on 9”x12” bristol. Inked with Copic multiliners, copic markers and a brush pen.

  5. Keeping with the Avengers theme. Charging through the smoke and fire. Digital pencils printed out on 9”x12” bristol. Inked with copic multiliners and copic gray markers.

  6. Sketch of the Day. Inspired by the Avengers movie. Digital pencils printed out on 9”x12” bristol. Inked with Copic multiliners and markers.

  7. Had the idea for this a while ago. Took some time before it came together completely in my head. I wanted to try and create a fusion between pinup, superhero and suicide girl.  Rogue is my niece’s favorite character (her pet yorkies are named Rogue and Gambit) so I wanted to do the first one using her. I doubt Marvel would ever let this happen to an X-Man (or woman) but I think she turned out pretty bad-ass.

    This is a little different of a style than I’ve tried before. Sort of a hybrid between traditional comic book line-art and the digital painting I’ve been working with. Hope you like it.


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