1. So I’ve decided to abandon this painting even though I am much closer to being finished with it that not. Why, you might ask - because I am just not happy with it and no amount of time spent on it is going to make me feel better about it. The reasons that I don’t like it are many, but the causality for the errors are pretty simple and all-to-often; I didn’t spend enough time working on the concept and the drawing (composition, anatomy, etc.) before I started rendering it. Now I am 20-plus hours in and truly unhappy with the results. Not a total loss though. I learned many things along the way about what not to do as well as what works. Ultimately I can’t bee too mad at myself. This is my fourth or fifth attempt at a digital painting and considering I’ve had zero formal training in art, mistakes are to be expected. The good news is that rather than being discouraged I have learned some valuable lessons and have already started on a new and hopefully much better version of this.


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